#BeShady: World Sight Day awareness by TOMS

TOMS Be Shady

I remember like 3 years back when I first got some TOMS. I called em “ninja shoes,” cause, man, thems things were light, sneaky, and ninja-esque. Of course, there was the factor of good accounted into the situation that got me hooked on the brand initially. And TOMS hasn’t strayed whatsoever from their mission of making the world a better place.


I was unaware until recently that the second Thursday in October World Sight Day. This is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. That’s awesome. I couldn’t imagine not being able to see the waves crash and the sun set. So anything we can do to help perhaps restore the sight of those without… that’s a step in the right direction.  Continue Reading

District Skateboards: A Reclaimed Skateboard

District Skateboards

Sure. I have made no false pretense regarding my love of my little Penny Skateboard. It;s a solid little product that is fast, gets me around this weird little place called LA, and always has people asking, “Yo man. That board like so small. They make a grownup version?” Heh. Fuck off. But anyway. The small skateboard is what kicked all this off in the first place. “Yeah ride it like a wave, maaaaaaan.” 

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Saint Archer Brewery from San Diego, CA; The birthplace of the Summer.

Saint Archer Brewery 2

The craft beer world seems like it’s growing faster than a mom’s hatred for what Miley’s antics are doing to her daughter and the youth of today. Unlike that hatred, though, the craft beer world is one that it seems everyone can agree is absolutely necessary to our lives. And like Miley’s behavior recently, beer is better with an angle and hook, and while being enjoyed naked atop a wrecking ball.

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Strikes Thrice: Lightning Bolt F/W 2013

Lightning Bolt Header

Since 1971, born and raised in Hawaii, Lightning Bolt has been instilling the rad into the world. While, I’ve been a champion of classing it up, and all that, and I’ve given my fair share of punishment to drop-crotch, when it comes down to brass tax, it’s all about balance. Finding those Aldens on eBay for $200 less than MSRP? Sweet. Those will look good in the office whether or not you’re around people that actually get what Alden means. But if you want to keep your game up on the weekends in terms of high-quality, top-of-the-line gear? Look no further than Lightning Bolt.

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#EverydayTropical: Momentum X SurfShop Carve Giveaway

Photo: surfbang.com

Photo: surfbang.com

It might be hinting at colder weather given the time of year, but if you live the tropical life, be it geographically or mentally, you know Summer is never really over. It can be Southern California wherever you are if you want it to be. It’s snowing in NYC? No worries. Get out of the cold, throw on a pair of boardshorts, pour a margarita, and sit on your private living room beach enjoying the classic surf culture documented in the Endless Summer.

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The Wait and Summer is Over: Penny Skateboards x T.C.S.S. Collaboration.

Penny x TCSS

Summer was a blur. There was work to be done, fun to be had, fireworks to explode, beer to drink, pools to swim, breaks to surf, heat to be beat, and for me, most of it was spent on the blacktops of LA atop my Penny skateboard. Not having a car here isn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be. Getting from place to place is easy when your mode of transport is a small piece of plastic with huge wheels stocked with ABEC-7 bearings. It’s fast, and it usually beats the traffic.

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Reclamation Proclamation: WOOED Products from San Francisco, CA

WOOED Sunglasses

WOOED X Wintercheck X WayWear

Nature is a funny thing. It can kill you, yet it needs all the help we can give it to keep it alive, keep it beautiful, and most of all, just keep it around. There’s a ton you can do to help out in preserving our natural habitats that we’ve done such an awesome job of destroying, but not everyone actually take the initiative.

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What I’ve learned living in Los Angeles, CA. (After a year.)

Los Angeles The one year anniversary in the City of Angels is upon me, and it’s been, well, interesting I think sums it up. There’s something about Los Angeles that is magnetic and charming. The ocean and palm trees make the city a tropical paradise of scenescapes the likes of which are Instagram gold. Having moved here in August of 2012 without much prior knowledge of the city and only relying on friends to tell me what was what, I came to a personal understanding of some parts of LA and how it operates. Below are my findings, none of which are meant as a slam to this city, but more curious observations that make this place great. Continue Reading

Back off, Warchild: Malibu’s Brothers Marshall callin out the kooks

Brothers Marshall

I have no business surfing First – Third Point in Malibu, and I should probably just stay off the waves all the way up to Leo Corrillo until I am able to do anything but ride a wave straight in. But whatever. I’m not leaving the coast, so I got all the time in the world to learn. Plus, there is talk of moving even closer to the beaches of Southern California. Rad.

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Muttonhead Collective: The Wanderer S/S 2014 Collection

Muttonhead Collective S/S 14

Expectation versus Reality: I don’t mean to be xenophobic or whatever (that’s not the right word), but growing up, I always thought of Canadian gear in the most stereotypical ways. It was this combo of Mountie / Bob & Doug McKenzie / FUBAR / and of course, the Canadian tuxedo. But when you sort of put all the looks together, it’s not that bad. Bob & Doug look like they live in Brooklyn now, and metalheads are cool again (they were never not cool). What I’m getting at is that there is a ton more coming from the Great White North that needs to be highlighted.  Continue Reading