A closet case for Robert Smith or, like, Glen Danzig: Nike 313650-271

Nike Air Max 90 Premium “Wheat Skull”

The year is 2006. Or it’s 2007. It might be 2009 for all I know. What’s important is that at some point in the not-too distant past, my older brother handed me two shoeboxes and said, “Here, man. Take these. They don’t even make samples in my size. Not sure why I bought these.” So, like the awesome little brother I am well-known to be, I accepted these boxes with no question.

What followed was an interesting series of events…

I took the two orange Nike shoeboxes from my brother like, whatever. I threw them in the backseat of my 1995 Acura Integra LS 4-door (because coupes are for pussies), and drove home. Then I moved to NYC. From Denver. I took the shoeboxes with me. They remained, unopened in my 600 sqft apartment in Greenpoint (off Manhattan and Greene, hello). They just sat there. Like I was going to wear the gift from my brother on the soggy, sooty streets of New York.


Fast forward some years, and here I find myself in San Diego by way of LA, by way of Denver. Well, maybe it’s the easy way of life and the not-caring-about-shit anymore, but I finally unboxed the shoes that have remained in these glorious orange boxes for however many year. One set, of which I am particularly proud is the Nike 313650-271’s, or as the laymen call it… Nike Air Max 90 Premium Wheat Skull.

So I did a little research on this set, because I work in online marketing and like Google is God and all, I think I must’ve been handed these post-2007. According to EU Kicks and all… So maybe that story of these shoes following me across the country a number of times is a fabrication. I guess it’s a lesson. Only winners write the history. The slightly intoxicated remember watching Simpsons episodes over and over.


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