Eye Candy: San Diego Brewery Logos

Ballast PointIt’s hard not to get into beer living in San Diego. It seems like a new brewery opens up weekly. And far be it from me to not check out every single place to make sure their brew is top-notch. It’s not uncommon to be out and about with K on a beautiful San Diego Saturday and decide, “Shit. We better check out that new brewery in Mira Mesa before it gets packed out.” So what was a hectic day fighting crowds off at Fashion Valley because, “We needed something and only the mall has it UGH!” becomes an awesome day of trying new beers and a whole lot of smiles. There are two truths when it comes to breweries and craft beer hangouts in San Diego:

  • It’s impossible to be unhappy while drinking good, local beer at the place it’s brewed.
  • Only assholes get drunk on good, local beer at the place it’s brewed.

That said, aside from the beer itself, I have come to really love the logos of all these awesome breweries in San Diego. Here are a few of my fave.

Modern Times Beer Logo


Societe Brewing

Ballast Point

Stone Brewing


Nickel Beer Company

Saint Archer Beer Company


Green Flash Brewing

Belching Beaver


lightning brewing

Culture Brewing

Tiger Tiger BLind Lady Ale House

Council Brewing Company

Acoustic Ales

If you find yourself out in SD anytime soon, hit me up, and we’ll get some beers. It’ll be fun. Unless you overdo it and make a scene. Then we’re not good.




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