Camp Stuff: Rumpl High Performance Blankets

Rumpl High Performance Blankets

Adding “High Performance” to a product name is somewhat the equivalent of adding “Quality” or “Luxury” to the name of an apartment building. It’s usually useless and pretty much indicates that this is a place that was once luxurious or desired in the 70s, but gentrification has not happened to the building and it’s full of cats and meth heads…

Now that I have painted such an awesome picture for you, let’s switch gears a sec. “High Performance” these days can allude to so much more. High performance energy drinks keep my blood boiling and my heart murmuring so I get my shit done every day. High performance engines impress chicks from coast to coast, especially outside of all the sick nightclubs I visit all the time 24/7/365/4evR. High performance camping gear protects you from the elements better than fad-worthy M.I.C. gear sold at Urban, as well as cooks your hot dogs better, cuts you better wood, and keeps you warmer. But can a blanket really be high performance? Well, let’s answer that with a question of our own…

Have you ever been camping and suddenly the temps drop a billion degrees and your sleeping bag, instead of doing what it’s supposed to, decides to get all tangled and you;re kicking like a spastic freak to get warm, but to no avail? Or maybe you skirted the sleeping bag and just had a blanket, but that thing is thin and / or itchy and it’s not doing the trick. The day of reckoning is upon us:

Combine comfort with warmth and snag a Rumpl.

Rumpl High Performance Blankets Rumpl High Performance Blankets Rumpl High Performance Blankets Rumpl High Performance Blankets

Granted, I have yet to experience a Rumpl, it’s one of the next items on the list to buy and keep close. Doesn’t it look so comfortable? It does. I know it does. You know it does. And one of the best parts about this blanket is that there’s is almost no space taken up. Just drush it up like a sleeping bag, throw it into the handy carrying case, and off you go. Take it with ya to the park, the campsite, the beach, the mountains, the drive in movies, the protest… anywhere you wanna lie down, make out, get cozy, be awesome… You call, bro.

Check out the Rumpl store to find the high performance blanket size of your choice. There’s a few to get at.

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Let’s go camping soon, okay?


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