Keep Venice Whatever: TImbuk2 Opens on Abbot Kinney

Timbuk2 Venice

I remember my first fixie. It was a blue Motobecane I bought off, hell I don’t even remember now, while I was living in NYC. This huge fucking box got delivered to my office in Soho (watch your feet), and of course everyone in the office was all, “WHOA BRO WHATCHA GET OPEN IT NOW YEAH!” I peeped in the box, checked out the shiny blue frame and promptly sealed that thing back up. I was still somewhat new to NYC so I didn’t want to be that asshole on the train hauling this huge box. No, instead I lugged the box with the bike inside, from Grand and Broadway in SoHo, across the Williamsburg Bridge, through through Williamsburg, up to Greenpoint, and into my third floor apartment at Manhattan and Green. (Pretty sure I hit up the Mark Bar for like 45 $2 PBRs and all the free popcorn I could handle after that.) I remember sweat, too. Lots of sweat. It was awesome.

Anyway, long story longer, that first fixed-gear opened my eyes to the world of commuter apparel… especially the bags. I would scan Steep and Cheap daily, waiting for those Timbuk2 bags to go on sale so I could get a “real cycling bag.” Of course, I finally see the sale and catch only the tail end of it and scored myself a pretty pink and red Timbuk2 Commuter. Regardless of color, I loved that damn bag. I took it everywhere. It held everything. It got dirty. I washed it. It got smelly. I didn’t do much about it other than spray some Febreze in it. I wrote on it. I got pins and stuff and made it “mine.” That was my bag. Somewhere along the way, the bag went bye bye. I don’t know if it was in the move from NYC to Denver, or in some purge I might have drunkenly done in the middle of the night, but I no longer have that little bag. And that’s a mega-bummer.

Fast forward about 8 years, and here we are. I have bought bag after bag but still remember that pink and red Timbuk2. And I think that’s sort of the allure of Timbuk2 as a brand. They make a bag that really has the ability to stay with you. And this is why I think it’s pretty rad they are opening a new location in one of my favorite areas of Los Angeles, Venice.

You know Abbot Kinney. It’s that small stretch of road chock full of weirdo curios, encroaching mega-brands, small boutiques, that TOMS coffee shop that rules, and soon, a Timbuk2 shop. (There is also one of the best pizza places I have found in LA.)  On Saturday, July 26th, the doors of their sixth retail store will open among the palm trees and wildly amazing sunsets.


If you’re in the area on August 16th and 17th, swing by the new location for their Grand Opening Weekend Celebration party-a-go-go. There will be free drinks and eats for those in attendance, which should be enough to get a lot of people there. Also, because there should always be a “for good” attached to events now: Timbuk2 will be selling $5 Miir stainless steel “tall boy” cups to raise funds for a Los Angeles bike advocacy non-profit.

There will be more fun stuff for you to either wear or not wear a shirt to:

  • Local craft beer + tasty bites from local food trucks.
  • Complimentary photobooth.
  • Live music.
  • Surprise giveaways and discounts.
  • Limited-edition Made in San Francisco shopping tote as a gift with every bag purchase.
  • Exclusive access to the Timbuk2 Republic of California Classic Messenger bag, available for purchase in-store only. Only 50 were made and they are available in two sizes.

Timbuk2’s partnered with award-winning design and architecture firm Gensler to design the new 680 sq. ft. community-oriented store at 1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd. The store features:

  • A custom workshop for designing bags with over 60 fabrics options.
  • A floor to ceiling glass wall facing the Abbot Kinney street side, bicycle and product design art installation and custom crafted tables and fixtures to display Timbuk2 products.
  • A designated hub for community events and bike group rides.
  • An indoor San Francisco-inspired parklet for relaxing and refueling.
  • Access to bike tools, bike pumps, bike maps and extra tubes for community cyclists.

Continuing to create a community-centered space, Timbuk2 Venice Beach will also launch an in-store bike share program in September, offer hyper local merchant discounts to staff of neighborhood shops and share their voice locally through the Timbuk2 Venice Beach Twitter and Instagram accounts.

If you’re gonna go and meet me there, RSVP on Timbuk2’s Facebook page here: Should be a fun time.



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