Summer of Adventures: Muttonhead Collective Summer 2014 Lookbook

Muttonhead SummerHigh

I came across Muttonhead awhile back when I was first trying to find cool shit for CampWell. Granted, I never got their products on the shelves, I still became an instant fan. Muttonhead, forwhateverreason, is doing something, IMHO, super likable. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But it’s like when you find a favorite restaurant, ya know? And it’s not super concrete why you like this places enchiladas more than anywhere else. They aren’t revolutionary, but they are classic and super fucking tasty. Maybe it’s the red sauce or how they dice the onions. Whoa… mind trap of mexican food (now I’m hungry). 

Anyway, Muttonhead is rad because Muttonhead is consistent. They continually put out amazing looking collections. Their shorts are super short (which is the only way to wear shorts.) All their gear is durable and substantial. I have a set of their gym shorts and those things are probably the only pair of gym shorts I will ever need again ever. Without this sounding like an advertisement, let’s just leave it at, “Muttonhead Collective is a company from Canada doing great things for adventure-inspired clothing and those who dig on the lifestyle of being active and getting shit done.” (I wasn’t paid to say that.)

Their Summer 2014 Lookbook, SUMMERHIGH, is pretty aces, as are all their lookbooks which I talked about awhile back. Check it out, cop a tank and a bright 5-panel for the Summer and get out there and have some fun. It’s going to be a good Summer. I gotta feeling.

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TeeJustChillBlack_1024x1024 MugSummerHigh_copy_1024x1024 RoamerShort_charcoalfront_1024x1024 TankSummerHighGrey_1024x1024 yellow4_1024x1024 TankCoolItWhite_1024x1024 TankMuttonheadWhite_1024x1024

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