Saint Archer Brewery from San Diego, CA; The birthplace of the Summer.

Saint Archer Brewery 2

The craft beer world seems like it’s growing faster than a mom’s hatred for what Miley’s antics are doing to her daughter and the youth of today. Unlike that hatred, though, the craft beer world is one that it seems everyone can agree is absolutely necessary to our lives. And like Miley’s behavior recently, beer is better with an angle and hook, and while being enjoyed naked atop a wrecking ball.

While there are about a zillion breweries popping up overnight in all areas of the USA, one in particular caught my attention recently. Take one part delicious brew and add in world-class brewers. artists and musicians, surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders, and the rest is history.

Based in the tropical dreamland of San Diego, CA, Saint Archer Brewery is the epitome of cool and the personification of passion. Plus, you can’t beat the fact that Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Omar Salazar, Taylor Knox, Mikey Taylor, Brian Herman, and Chris Miller are among the many Saint Archer ambassadors. Deal, sealed.

Saint Archer Brewery Blonde Saint Archer Brewery Pale Ale Saint Archer Brewery IPA

Next time you’re getting in a sess and have some good friends with you, or just are hanging out with buds around the house, lounging on the patio, or grilling out back, get some Saint Archer. Or you can just look like you love the beer without ever having tasted it by getting your hands on some of their well-designed apparel, available on their site.

Saint Archer Brewery hoodie Saint Archer Brewery Shirt

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