Friday Five || 5 Things I Want From the J.Crew August 2013 Style Guide

J.Crew August 2013 Style Guide

I don’t think I’ve circled anything in a catalog since I was 8 and looking through Toys ‘R’ Us inserts in the Sunday paper around Christmas. Yet, when I was at the Grove this week to drop off some shorts for alterations (5″ inseam or bust), I swooped the latest style guide from everyone’s favorite (or most revered yet always shopped) brand, J.Crew. Ever since they put in the new men’s store, I’ve been a more frequent visitor, if just to have convos with the well-mannered gents and ladies that run the space.

But this isn’t an advertorial for Crew at the Grove. This is one person’s stoke level on what the latest Style Guide had to offer.

J.Crew August 2013 Style GuideLet’s start with the new printed long sleeve buttonups. Basically, they are somewhat recycled prints from their popover and SS buttonup collection from this past season. But the standout is on the left. J.Crew is calling it Vintage Navy, but it’s got this little paisley-yet-not-so-lame-paisley print which I totally dig. Roll them sleeves up and you’re good as gold…in navy.

J.Crew August 2013 Style GuideAnyone that knows me, knows I’m a fan of a good watch strap. This actually isn’t all that true. I don’t make it known that I am a watch strap fan. I don’t go to parties and when asked what I do, answer, “I love watch straps.” I met someone like that once. We didn’t talk long. Anyway, I am digging that Crew is doing patterned straps now. The bottom sorta aztec thing there? That’s nice. Real nice.

J.Crew August 2013 Style Guide
I got rid of literally all of my cardigans before I moved to LA. Or during the 2012 Summer purge. Whatever. Point is, I have ZERO cardigans left in my arsenal. And I prolly won’t buy anymore, but I do like how the sweater & cardigan & t shirt look in this shot. I can achieve the same, roughly, with a crew or v neck. I don’t get cardigans. I don’t.

J.Crew August 2013 Style Guide

I waited for so long for Union Made to restock my size of Quoddy when they ran out of their black boat shoe. And wouldn’t you know it, just 6-7 months later, Sperry is giving J. Crew the same shoe. Sure, mine is hand-crafted in the USA and cost about $100 more, but I still have this fondness for a black boatshoe. Underrated and on point. No one expects the butterfly.

J.Crew August 2013 Style GuideI just appreciate the bit of humor on the back cover. That’s all. It gives the brand, the style guide, the overall everything a bit more…YEAH!

Is stimulating the economy still a thing?


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