Prints of Good Times: Orange and Park. From Coronado, CA.

Coronado Island Orange and Park

Anyone can do art.

Well, that is to say, anyone can slap ink on paper and call it art. But it takes something special and usually something pretty simple to really get someone excited about something. The “someone” in this case is me. I sometimes feel like Jennifer Aniston in the Break-Up when she’s trying to convince that super-stud why something is art. I don’t see the point in paying mega bucks for something my yet-to-be-born child could make with his/her dinner and a highchair. (Enter opinions coming at me telling me all about how I am wrong…)

This said, I came across the prints of a small company from the spirit island of Coronado, just outside of San Diego, CA, called Orange and Park.

From their About page:

Orange & Park combines a bit of clever typography, a tad of love for geography, and a whole bunch of screen printing to create unique products inspired by these special places.

The project’s namesake can be found in the heart of Coronado, California, hometown of Orange & Park’s creators David Klinker and John McCauley. It’s there you’ll find the town’s main thoroughfare, Orange Avenue, crossing a small side street called Park Place.

Basically, a couple of kids decided to combine their passion of a whole lot of different things and offer up these rad prints of places from all over the world. I was lucky enough to be introduced to them by my girlfriend when she took me around the island and let me pop into Emerald City, Coronado’s best surf shop, IMHO. We bought the above print. It’s been a more-than-welcome addition to the home, sitting on a wall next to the Quiver print from Mollusk.

(Editor’s note: When I moved to California, I basically submerged myself into every aspect of the west coast lifestyle I could, if you haven’t noticed.)

Here are a few of my other favorite prints from Orange and Park. All of these are available on their site for a mere $24-$30. That’s not much for something as good looking as these. Plus you’ll have it forever.

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The last print is my new fave. If you follow these dudes on the Instant Grams at @OrangeandPark, they are doing a new hashtag project at #VivaBaja.  Just rad beach scenes from Baja California. Check it out next time you’re on. You’ll dig.

As an added bonus: Since, in this whole community of bloggers, we all dig on stationery and hand-written everythings, O&P has a sweet collection of that too.

op-c001-1a_1024x1024 op-c001-1b_1024x1024

(All images used are from the Orange and Park website.)

That’s all for now. It looks as though, too, we might be moving to San Diego. That’s good news for my tan and Penny commuting. Plus, there just might be a brick and mortar in the near future… Just sayin.

Shop Orange and Park.

Keep on keepin on….