Four years of wear: Retiring the Sperry Topsiders


I’m not complaining. These Sperrys have lasted me a good long while. I’ve worn them to weddings, rodeos, work functions, actually on boats, to work, on dates, and virtually anywhere and everywhere else you could possibly imagine. They were the daily go-to when I didn’t want to have to “decide” on anything. They were the perfect shoe. They ARE the perfect shoe.

It was wearing them to the smoldering hot Fuck Yeah Fest that finally did them in.

I guess walking around a dusty field in 110 degree temps didn’t bode too well for the livelihood of the Topsiders. Granted, Vans might have been a better option for a music fest, but I am one to defy convention. Plus, as we all know, Sperrys go with virtually anything.

So, to you, my stalwart and faithful Topsiders, I bid you good night. THNKS Fr TH MMRS. I’ll get another pair soon.



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