The Brawler From Nashville, TN, USA: Otis James.

It’s been a hot minute since I talked about my friend, Otis James. Life gets busy, ya know? And with my recent move to LA, I have been even more distracted than ever. Now, though, that I’m settling into my new surroundings and the apartment hunt is over and I’ve pretty much purged all my passable clothing and I have secured a gig with a new denim company, I can relax and start over.

Though, I’m not so much a hat guy save for a few short-brimms from Ebbets and a couple of Supreme and Benny Gold 5-panels (staples in any closet IMHO), I tend to sway to the free and easy ways of the hatless lifestyle. However, when I saw a Facebook post from Otis James saying how he made a few custom brawlers for some friends in Nashville, I had to have one.

I wrote Otis a note (it’s been a bit since chatted), and we got to going on the hat for me ASAP. I chose a few fabrics, which he advised against in the LA heat. We settled on the amazing dark gray chambray which should pair well with virtually anything in my closet and strewn about my bedroom. It’s also a lighter weight and should be good year-round out on the west coast.

I would recommend, should you be in the market or not, hitting up Otis James for a brawler of your own. Good dude. Choice gear. USA. Only $125 for a cap you’ll have the rest of your days

Huge thanks to Otis for this cap. And congrats on the feature in GQ. Stoked to see how far you’ve come.


The Button

Fabric Close Up

Inside orange

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