Headed West with Gear from the East: Practical beachwear from Ironsides NY

I’m moving to LA, so the timing was good to see about some new beachwear. My goal is to never wear a shirt again. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Just a set of board shorts, maybe a tank top (not counting this as a shirt), a Penny Board or reasonable facsimile, my girl, our dog, and the beach, man. That’s livin….

Anyway, I got in touch with a new company I discovered recently, Ironsides, to see what their surf ware offerings were all about. Aside from a cool name, the company surprised and delighted.

The company is brand new and was formed by Sonny Kilfoyle & Neal Mello. Based in New York City, the owners both find themselves constantly in the water; Neal lives in Rockaway Beach, and Sonny spend half of his time on the east end of Long Island. “The hallmark of what we do are our surf shorts which are proudly made in the USA, but our goal is to do a line of well made beach basics done right. We will have everything from surf shorts to beach towels to after surf casuals and we will even have our own surf wax. Our background is a little all over the place. Neal was a vintage buyer for some very well known companies and now owns his own vintage store,” Sonny said. “I used to work for the Japanese label Number (N)ine who showed at Paris mensweek, but mostly I’ve  been involved in music. One day in the middle of the winter we were having chili at Corner Bistro in NYC and I [said to] Neal, ‘Let’s make surf shorts.’ That’s pretty much how this started.”

So they know what they’re doing, which is good. And who hasn’t had an idea akin to this while eating chili? I’ve probably come up with dozens over various meals. It was the follow through I lacked… Glad to see more people acting on ideas!

Right now, Ironsides wares are sold at Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn. I’ve heard pretty sweet things about that spot, though I’ve never been. Ironsides has big plans: Hoping to be worldwide by next summer and possibly open up a surf shop in Montauk for Summer 2013. Right now the brand is only mens, but women’s lines are on the docket. Sonny finished, “We’ve surfed in [Ironsides shorts] all summer and they really outlast any board shorts any of us have had.”

Some pretty stellar shots of the gear below:

Visit Ironsides NY:


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