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Not that I condone violence by any means, and I would never take arms (unjustly) against my fellow man or creatures of mother nature, but come on, what’s the first thing you want to do when you get a slingshot? It conjures up images of Dennis the Menace and up-to-no-good youth of yesteryear. I remember those water balloon launchers, man. Well, most of us do, i’m sure. But I remember vividly shooting those balloons into traffic a few hundred yards away.

We had fun growing up.

Now, you’re lucky if somebody doesn’t press charges if you accidentally bump shoulders with them in public. “HARASSMENT!” Every child gets a trophy. It’s a nation of wimps, we’ve become. Granted, I don’t have any offspring of my own so I don’t know how I’d raise them, but I still like a little mayhem from time to time. So I got a slingshot. I’m still opting to shoot antique cans, but the urge to scare the shit out of a squirrel as it torments my pup or get my friend in the gut with an ice cube rises daily/hourly/minutely/secondly/NOW.

Custom Green

Plus, these killer offerings fit the badboy image much better than those with that “so wicked” wrist support. Head to Camp Well, grab a slingshot ($30), put in back pocket, impress chicks (or dudes… or dudes if you’re a girl with a slingshot…that’s pretty hot), and have some fun*.

Each one of these offerings at Camp Well are handmade in California from Mora tree branches, carefully painted with acrylic paint and are one of a kind. Especially that brown up top. Only one of those made. Dig it.

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The Momentum | Camp Well

* “Fun” in this case means being responsible and not a dumbass. Don’t be that a-hole that brings a slingshot to a ball game or some public event. And don’t shoot AT squirrels and bird… only near them. And that’s only when you start feeling bad that your dog is getting laughed at by a f*cking squirrel.







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