Camp Well: Fleece-Lined Face Warmers. Handmade in CA

I’m a fan of “early” season camping. I put early in quotation marks as early to me is not early to some seasoned outdoorsman, but that’s neither here nor there. So I went camping this season in early May. The days were in the 80s (plenty warm), but the nights… the nights sunk to the 20s with wind whipping through the Pingree Park valley like a goddamn flood of hyper-threat violent shakes, hell-bent on destroying any mortal creation in its way. While our tent and gear withstood the barrage nature decided we needed (Birdie included), the one thing I wish I had was a legit face warmer.

Enter: The Face Warmer

Handmade in California, I came across these fleece-lined, velcro-attached by happenstance one day. Got one right off, and now wear it once the temps dip on camping trips and/or cooler bike rides through Denver. Works well for blustery hikes and going incognito.(I recommend not wearing this into a bank, convenience store, or anywhere the person behind the counter is already skiddish about being robbed…)

Anyway, I’ve found this useful thus far for camping. I assume they would be nice for chillier bike ride, but seeing as how it’s 100 in Denver, I have yet to test.

These are now available in a number of colors and patterns at Camp Well ($15).


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