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Packaging is the jam

So I was approached not too long ago by some good friends.. Jeremiah, specifically. Basically it went down, “Dudes. A friend is making some legit shit. Wristgear. Real deal. Check it.” So that’s not verbatim whatsoever, but that’s kind of how I remember it. At any rate, I was initially hesitant. “Ah, I got a watch and a friendship bracelet my lady any I bought for each other in San Diego. I don’t need more on my wrist.” Wrong sauce.

Form Function Form has it on lock. Not just for looks, either. And that’s why I got so into FFF’s offerings. Anyone cane make some leather goods. But what set is apart? In this case, function. The braiding on the lure bracelet can easily hold a few lures, should fishing be your fancy. Plus, walking around with an old lure as the focal point, hook included, it’s something new. And I am a fan.

The Lure. (Original momentum fans might gets that....)

I was swung a lure wristwrap and a mini multi-tool carrier complete with lighter. Both should come in handy when camping. Especially the multi-tool holder. Light for fires and smokes and mallows (if fire fails) and whatever else I want to burn.

lighter. tool. tool. lighter. leather.

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