Brunch with Topo Designs and Living in Denver

Topo in Topo. Bagception

Saturday turned out to be one of the most productive and inspiring days in recent history. I awoke when the sun hit my face, mulled about the house for a minute or two, played with bird in the back yard, and hung out with the lady friend. When noontime came, and I rode my bike clear across the city to meet up with Mark, my friend and one of the brain trusts behind Topo Designs.  It’s pretty rad having one of the best new brands around living basically next door.

We chatted for a few hours over French Toast and mimosas, real manly like, about product, shops, ideas, the future, Australia, Fancy Tiger, Left Field, and destroying. After settling up, we rode to his casa.  I had promised a friend I would pick him up a Klettersack in the duck camo colorway (pictured).  I got to peep Mark’s house, too, which was rad as he has done some killer remodeling. So, yes, dinner parties will be had.

One thing that Denver really has going for it is the community vibe and everyone working well together. Whatever industry it is, everyone pretty much has everyone else’s back. Don’t know too many other places like that. Plus, we have ghost pepper vodka at Sputnik… and $5 mimosa carafes. Sort of hard to beat that.

Onward, 5280,


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  1. Hello! I found your blog doing a search for raw denim in Denver. I also recently moved to Denver – I envy you that you’re so well connected here. Best of luck with the transition and I’ll be following your blog to keep up on the latest in Denver.

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