Warm Up: Enjoi X Independent X Ricta X Vans

Enjoi X Independent X Ricta

I bought this set up from Blades one night in NYC after a long shift at the Tribeca Grand. Having an affinity for pandas long before any pre-teen girl ever did, I was immediately a fan of Enjoi. Then, when you add in the Tilt Mode Man Down video with the likes of Louise Barletta and Marc Johnson, things got real.

Seeing as how I bought this complete and never really used it, save for some evidenced FS boardslides (I was never good at nose and tails), it’s still in good condition and is back on the streets.

Those are Rowley Style 99 Vans I picked up from a shop in Breckenridge, CO. Best shoes I’ve skated in since the eS Koston2’s. Damn, man. Remember those Mayhew’s too? I had a set. So big. SO big.

Thanks for reading this short post today. And because it reminded me, here’s Marc Johnson’s part from Tilt Mode’s Man Down.

Links today:

Now, go do something outside.


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