The TAMS TAMS Project: These Are My Shoes. These Are My Socks.

Clarks Desert Boots. Where them socks at?

I get inspired at the oddest times. This morning, it struck seconds after I got out of bed and smashed my knee on the gate we use to keep the dog outta the bedroom. “Oh damn! That hurt. Oh damn! I am back into the swing of things with the working world which means I get to dress up all nice like again. 100 Days of Ties was fun. Time for something new.”

Enter: These Are My Socks. These Are My Shoes… Shortened nicely to “TAMS TAMS.”

Simple mission, really, and similar the the Tie project. I’ve got shoes coming out the wazoo (which sounds painful but isn’t), and now that I got a reason again to wear something other than Tom’s* to the local grocer for a sixer and a pack of Lucky’s, I thought why not take some shots of the daily wears?

Socks, now that it’s cooling down outside, have graced my feet once again. And I rekindled my love for them. Love for socks… Yeah whatever.

So, if you have a second, snap a shot of what you’re wearing on the daily, send a picture to and find your feet in a post. Pret-ty easy.

Here’s mine from this past week. Obvs, I shot these with Instagram, but as time goes on, the DSLR will be used.

Johnston and Murphy / J. Crew Stripes

Johnston and Murphy wingtips / J. Crew Scorpions

Sebago Docksides / J. Crew Whales

I swear I will get more socks outside of J. Crew sometime soon. Or I won’t. I do’t know. When they stock em for like $5/pair at the outlet, seems silly NOT to grab a few sets.

Cheers, this week, to ClarksJohnston and Murphy, J. Crew, and Sebago. This is only the start.


* I like Toms shoes. Sue me.


D. Sullivan: Roper boots, Smart wool stripes

TAMS - Johnston & Murphy Tassels and TAMS Gap Wool rugby stripes. Author of

Jarrod: black hanes with LL Bean Signature Ranger Boot.



    • Gracias, Sabir. Good to have the gang back together, even if it’s just you for right now, and even if it’s just day 1.

      This one will be fun.

  1. Digging the TAMS TAMS posts. I’d send in pics, but I wear black dress shoes nearly every day so that would get SUPER boring after day 2. 😉

    Welcome back Will!

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