Presentation: 4/1/2011 || Think Pink with the The Midwestyle boys and Opening Day for my Colorado Rockies

Jeff and Seth / The Midwestyle

The Midwestyle

@jeffkies & @sethjputnam of @themidwestyle //

jeff: dry coat black nudies, american apparel salmon shirt, mustard 1901 bucks, billtornade blazer
seth: jcrew white ocbd, jcrew spring tie, club monaco “davis” nantucket chinos, thrifted loafers.


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Popped / WGP

I seeded Twitter yesterday to make today Pink Friday thanks to some lovely new friends of mine. Waking up this morning I immediately grabbed all things purple, though, in celebration of it being opening day for my Colorado Rockies. But I can’t go back on a promise made so I traded the light purple OCBD I had planned on for a pink polo purchased from H&M oh so many years back. Topped the casual Friday look off with my Rockies hat and am hoping Ubaldo can wipe the floor with the D-Backs today.

Go Rockies!



I cannot believe it is snowing today.  Where on earth is spring?  In any event, a shock of bright pink is always welcome on a dark and miserable day…
Wearing: RL Blue Label beret and scarf, RL Rugby jacket, H&M skirt, Club Monaco tights, Calvin Klein shoes, bodega umbrella.




Pink brooks bros. OCBD. – Ryan




Barbour Beaufort
J. Crew Pink U-stripe OCBD
$12 J. Crew Levi 501s
Leather Man LTD Hunting Scene Belt – That dog’ll hunt…
Cole Haan Gunnisons
Filson 257
Have a great weekend,


First day of April (7 days until my 25th birthday). Of course everyone knows that it’s “April Fools”. There is no fooling today, snow fell on the ground over in Philly. Decided to layer it up with my London For driving cap, H&M Trench, waist coat by Heritage and shirt via The Gap. I am a fan of not so casual Fridays, so I threw on my purple and grey striped tie so that people know I am still all business today.

Happy April Fools,




I have a campus tour of my new university durning lunch hour today so I am attempting to look as collegial as possible.  I don’t want to be confused with a professor. – Drake



I don’t know how y’all do things where you’re from.  But this is springtime in Maine.  Anyone wearing spring clothes has my full resentment.

Sorels are not for April.

Sean William

Some green for the pink – Sean
Obviously I missed the pink memo. I promise to do better next week! I went black tie for tonight’s anniversary festivities. Suit: Hugo Boss | Bow Tie: Thomas Pink | Shirt: Ben Sherman Soho – John
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  1. looking great everyone.

    love that duck hunt belt, jrs.
    and drake… that belt is pimp as well.

  2. As a fellow Rockies fan, I felt I must point this out. Jimenez’s first name is ubaldo not jibaldo.

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