A thousand times Thank You (in advance) for the Vans Akat

vansakatI’m not a greedy man by any means. I volunteer (or at least have plans to). I donate my ears and shoulders to friends in need. I’m honest. I like babysitting my little sister and giving my parents a night off of the duty. I do the dishes and shopping for the family when we all eat together. I privy the lot of ya to cool new stuff (all now affordable since I’ve stopped posting gear you can only get across the oceans). All I’m asking in return is for a simple pair of shoes to wear to do all these nice things.

Really, it would only take a second of your time. And they aren’t hard to find. See? Bows and Arrows even takes phone orders. For the one (or many of you if you decide to go in together) that sends them shoes my way, thank you. You will never be forgotten. My own American hero(es).

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